Rust Belt Rising Virtual Voter Registration Program

How we help people in our states get registered to vote from home

RBR expanded its scope to help register voters over the last three months before the 2020 election. We partnered with Indivisible Michigan and Chicago so that together we recruited 3,704 volunteers and made half a million phone calls to key parts of Michigan and Wisconsin.  

Our partners, Register2Vote, mailed voter registration forms to 184,279 likely Wisconsin and Michigan Democrats who recently moved. To follow up on those mailings, we made more than 250,000 calls and sent 163,000 texts following up on those mailings to 70,000 Wisconsin and 40,000 Michigan voters to whom we could match phone numbers so we encourage them to complete their registration and assist with any questions.

42,830 of our targets registered to vote.

7,752 registered through the exact application we mailed them and the rest through online registration, which we helped with over the phone, or in-person.

23,875 Wisconsin voters registered—more than the number Biden/Harris won the state by, which was 20,682.

18,955 Michigan voters registered. Our partners, Statewide Indivisible Michigan, gave our project the name 8 Million Michigan Voters for the vision they had for the state reaching that number of registered voters and, together, we were able to contribute to Michigan getting over that figure.

Our project was featured by Pod Save America’s Adopt a State program in their emails to volunteers from around the country who signed up to help win Michigan and Wisconsin.

Once we completed our voter registration project, we made another 250,000 calls to get out the vote for Rising state candidates and the whole ticket in Michigan and Wisconsin.  

We have launched a new Wisconsin voter registration program in 2022 targeting 76,000 voters. Sign up here to make calls with us to help people register.